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A Better Way for Personal Trainers to Manage Clients and Grow Their Business
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Transform Your Personal Training Business

Scheduling & Booking

Simple booking on any device. Save hours on scheduling week after week with our scheduling software. With Last Minute Offers, never miss an opportunity to fill in an opening.

Track & Visualize Progress

Track clients progress and their goals. Set workout goals and track the results. The changes over time can be displayed graphically.

600+ pre-created exercises or create your own

Build amazing workouts by using our database of exercises. It's easy to search by name or by a category such as what injuries or conditions it treats and explore. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can add your own exercises.

Save Time and Help More Clients

With Last Minute Offers never let canceled session go to waste. Turn a day off into a profitable day. Send out email or SMS messages to clients for session offer.

Billing & Invoicing

All invoices will automatically be branded with your logo. Invoices are customizable, and can be printed or emailed with a click.

Mobile phone Access

With client management software personal trainers can train more clients

Personal Trainers need to focus on what it takes to transform their clients' lives to be effective and that is why PTmaestro does all the heavy lifting, so personal trainers can focus on their clients and growing their business. PTmaestro has what personal trainers need with regards to client management and all of PTmaestro's features are designed to increase the personal trainers ability to run a successful business.

Personal Trainers Training

Scheduling made easy

Managing your week has never been easier and more reliable.Conveniently change your availability anytime and reschedule appointments when necessary.

Body Stats & Progress

Client management and profiles including contact details, assessment forms, and body stats and workout details


Build workouts with 600+ pre-created exercises or create your own exercise. Assign workouts to clients and track and log each exercise.

Personal Trainers Training

Earn More Revenue

Track sales and revenue, attendance, retention levels and much more. Figure out the trends and use what you learn to adjust your business plan. Keep them coming back and grow your business.Train more clients with less effort.

  • Send Invoices and Receipts
  • Track sold individual sessions or classes
  • Track memberships and packages
  • Track sold products
Create Workouts,Goals and track Progress

Improve Client Results

Clients get faster results when their personal trainer can focus on them. Stay in touch with clients and track their fitness workouts, track their body progress, set goals & take follow up assessments as well as assign a custom meal plan. These are all tools that will ensure clients to reach their goals. Personal Trainers are able to view all of their client's data in one easy to user profile. Graphically track any stat or set a goal based on weight, body fat, BMI, and muscle measurements are just a few examples.

  • Meal Plans
  • Custom built Workouts
  • Set Goals and Track Progress
Create Workouts,Goals and track Progress

Increase Client Engagement

Remind clients that it’s time for a session or class. Track client's attendance and track their progress. Keep clients involved, motivated, focused and on track. Quickly know the status of a client and do what needs to be done.

  • Send Reminders
  • Track Attendance
  • Keep clients Motivated
Create Workouts,Goals and track Progress

Revolutionize Your Fitness Business

Build training plans for your clients. Create individually tailored workouts and meal plans(delivered in PDF format). Schedule single or group sessions. Set goals and schedule follow up assessments ensuring your client is continuing towards their goal. Keep clients engaged through messaging and reminders

  • Client Engagement
  • Client Management
  • Business Growth
Create Workouts,Goals and track Progress

Focus on Training Your Clients

Calendar event view. PTmaestro helps you keep your clients motivated

Do you ever spend hours at a time rummaging through client files or keeping track of your billing records? Do you find yourself searching for client information or session or class records? It is easy for a personal trainer to not be able to find time to properly manage all the information and tasks involved with running a successful personal training business. Find that you and your time is lost as sea answering emails, sms message working spreadsheets with little attention to how best help your clients achieve their goals.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, folders and paperwork. Now you can easily access all your client's training schedule, track their progress, individually tailor workouts and contact info in once place. PTmaestro does all the heavy lifting for you allowing you to have more time to do what you do best which is to focus on growing your business. No more spending time lost in a sea of email & spreadsheets. Individualize each workout to the clients needs and stay in communication with your clients. Tracking & visualizing the progress. Quickly see balances, dues and credits. Send invoices and receipts keeping your clients informed of their current expenses or payments received. Allowing you to stay on top of your revenue so you can see your income and how it changes over time.

PTmaestro helps trainers keep track of each client. Trainers can take down notes, create customized workouts and meal plans, and keeping track of progress and set goals. PTmaestro helps trainers to forge healthy and productive relationships with their clients making it easier to support their clients efforts and helping them to stay motivated. PTmaestro is a simple and intuitive web-based personal trainer client management platform that will help you grow, nurture leads and retain your valued clients.

Want Your Business To Grow?

Session & Class Schedule

Easily view of your upcoming schedule and update your schedule with a click. Set-up recurring classes, goal assessments and sessions. Sessions can be either in a group or private.

Keep Your Clients Motivated

Send personalized messages to your members based on their attendance. A simple weekly check-in can keep your clients motivated

Body Assessment & Progress Tracking

Help your clients see their results with with charts and reports tracking weight, strength, goals and even progress photos.

Manage Clients

Track, manage, and message your personal training clients. Create detailed client profiles and training packages, manage payments and invoicing.Track client results.

Manage Client Nutrition

Build meal plans from thousands of ingredients and save meals for reuse. Once you have built your meal assign the meal plan to the client.

Handle Finances with Ease

Increase your fitness service revenues. Track sales and payments. Send out billing reminders, invoices and receipts, and record payments more efficiently.

Let PTmaestro help you grow your business.

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