PTmaestro Features

Client Management All-in-one

PTmaestro provides trainers with a centralized area allowing easy access to all the pertinent data. Trainers with specific information on client's progress, goals,meal plan, scheduling, payments, memberships, packages and products.

Client Management

Workout Manager Custom

Build custom workout templates that are individually tailored using our pre-existing exercises or create your own. Easily create complex workouts using warm ups, cool downs, circuits and more.

Workout Manager

Progress & Goals Tracking

Graphically track any stat or set a goal based on weight, body fat, BMI, and muscle measurements are just a few examples. Compare different progress points for clients allowing your clients to visually see their progress.

Body Measurement & Goals

Meal Plan Manager Custom

Create custom meal plans targeted for different results or people. Tailor a meal plan based on clients needs and goal. PTmaestro helps you easily create meal plans with our food database which has nutrition info on thousands of foods.

Meal Planner

Money Manager Profit

Track sales and revenue from memberships, packages, products and individual sessions and classes. Figure out the trends and use what you learn to adjust your business plan. Keep them coming back and grow your business.Send out billing reminders, invoices and receipts, and record payments more efficiently.

Money Manager