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Benefits of using a Personal Trainer

Oct 18
Personal Trainer

With so many people in the public eye swearing by their personal trainers to get them into the best shape of their lives - it got us asking - what are the benefits of using a personal trainer? Are they really worth the money and what is their purpose?

We’ve delved in at the deep end to try and get an unbiased opinion and find the benefits of using a personal trainer to find out how the fitness professionals get into our heads and work our bodies

Personal Trainers Keep us Accountable

One thing is for certain with a personal trainer, you’re going to be paying them - usually quite handsomely. So when the time comes to train, you’re going to be wanting to get the most from your money and with a trainer to motivate you - you’re going to be accountable.


There’s something about not letting down another person, especially someone that you’re paying to train you - that makes us particularly accountable. When there’s someone else involved, it’s hard to say no and let them down - so you’re more likely to turn up. When there’s someone there to push you, you’re more accountable for effort too and with a push in the right direction to keep you training hard.

Some Personal Trainers can Offer Nutrition Advice and Meal Planning


They say that exercise, fitness and weight loss is 80% diet and 20% training and with a trainer that plans for you - your diet will be looked after without any of the stress that comes with having to plan your own meals for optimum performance. A diet plan is one of the hardest parts of training, so with a diet plan created for you with a trainer to see first hand the effect that fuel has on your body - you can sleep easy knowing that your food is where it should be.

You won’t be fighting between broccoli or runner beans when everything's all planned out and with everything planned out and designed/tailored to you - there’s nothing better. Make sure that your trainer is proficient in diet and nutrition before hiring and you’ll be onto a winner.

A Good Personal Trainer Ensures the Correct Form

Poor form is the biggest reason for injury in the gym and with a trainer on hand at all times, you’ll never have to worry. With someone keeping an eye on your training habits, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with everything feeling - well - right. Every movement will be right and ergonomic and with a focus on your body, your performance and your training.
With a trainer whose job it is to know how do these movements correctly and safely - you’ll be confident that you won’t be doing anything to hurt your progress and your body.

Personal Trainers Optimize Your Workouts with Correct Planning

With a trainer, you’ll never have to plan your own workout. Never again will you be running around the gym aimlessly without the foggiest of a plan, instead you’ll have a constant stream of information and a program to follow for your specific goals. Whether you’ve got goals for fitness, strength or to tone up and you’ll have a plan created for you.

There’s huge benefits to running a programme tailored to you - it’s the reason why you don’t see professional athletes running around PureGym for a bit of chest and triceps. With a programme, everything is there for a reason and with a professional planning, you’ll not have to worry about anything.

Personal Trainers Help Give You that Extra Motivation

You’ll know this feeling if you’ve trained with a friend or trainer before - the feeling that you want to put in maximum effort or one-up the person you’re training with is great for progress. Having someone there watching your movements, training and progression makes you want to impress them, show off or make them proud - as much as we don’t like to admit it.

We always want to make ourselves look good, in a training sense, that’s performance and effort based - that and if you’ve got a trainer that’s highly motivating or a little bit scary you’ll be pushed from their vibe - another huge benefit of hiring a personal trainer.

Personal Trainers Ensure that You Work Around Injuries Correctly

The great part about having a trainer is personalisation and nothing is more beneficial to injury than personalisation. If you’ve got a long or short term injury that prevents you from completing certain movements or that needs to be rehabilitated in physio and training exercises, there’s no better way than to have someone at your side overlooking your every move.

Injuries are the one thing that it’s important not to push when it comes to training and with a trainer you can be safe in the knowledge that they know what they’re doing you don’t have to. With injuries stopping so many of us in our tracks, being able to work around them is a great way to keep on pushing and progress regardless of any problems.

Personal Trainers Can Help Your Mental Health

It’s been long proven that exercise and physical activity works wonders for your mental health as well as your physical. But what you might not have considered that with the human interaction that comes with a trainer - it can add a level or personal interaction - great for anxiety, depression or lonely mental states.

Much like hairdressers or barbers, many personal trainers feel like they also fall into the unofficial therapist category with clients having a connection so strong that they feel that they can open up to talk about anything and everything. Most trainers are super easy to talk to and will be more than happy to lend you a pair of ears to talk and vent to whenever you feel like you need to get something off your chest.

Chatting to a trainer will not only a build a relationship so that they can work with your mental state to get the most out of you in your training - but also allow for friendship to be formed - making you more comfortable in the gym, in their presence and with your training. All of this basically means that you’ll be able to push harder as your relationship grows resulting in better physical and mental health. What more could ask for?

Personal Trainers will Fit to Your Schedule

Have a super busy schedule and often struggle with getting time in the gym? Not a problem. Trainers will fit your schedule for you so you don’t have to worry about meeting up with them at awkward times that make it difficult for a hectic lifestyle. Combine this with the accountability that comes with hiring a trainer and you’ll be more than happy with the results as you’ll be training much more often, harder and in the correct way for you goals.

Trainers are usually more than happy to meet at any hour of the day - whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Just make sure to ask and suggest what times that you think are best and what you can squeeze into your schedule to get the most out of your trainer.

Personal Trainers are Flexible on Location

Although this isn’t a universal benefit - most trainers are flexible on location and more than happy to meet at different locations other than the usual place of training. Whether you fancy a change of scenery, an outdoor workout or move to a new gym - your trainer is usually happy to make the move with you to keep overseeing your performance from wherever you are.

This is especially true for those of us with online personal trainers who rely mostly on performance updates while supplying diet, nutrition and training plans and programs to clients. With a flexibility on location, you won’t feel trapped in the same gym, same location or same workouts with the choice to change at any point.

Personal Trainers Can Help with Performance Competitions

Say you’ve got a race coming up, maybe a 10 mile running race, maybe a rowing race, maybe it’s even a powerlifting meet or crossfit tryout. Whatever your performance competition, your trainer can help you train exactly for your needs and your performance requirements for your competition. Providing an adequate warning, trainers can plan ahead, program your plan and make sure that you’re in peak condition for your event.

Everything from specific workouts to timing your deloads and tapering before the final event, everything is possible with a trainer and you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

Personal Trainer