PT Business

What it Takes to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

Oct 5

Becoming a certified personal trainer is not a difficult thing to do. In most cases, earning your certification simply involves choosing a specialty and passing the appropriate exam, usually comprised of 100 - 150 multiple choice questions. In most cases, the only prerequisite to taking the exam is having a high school diploma or equivalent and AED/CPR certification, the latter of which can be obtained by simply taking a short, publicly offered course.

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How To Get More Clients As a Personal Trainer in the Fitness Industry

Oct 19

When it comes to obtaining a full client list, the majority of personal trainers like yourself will struggle. This is not because you are unable to deliver high-quality services to individuals who want to become healthy and fit but more because results take time, effort, and determination to get. So what ends up happening is clients only stick around for a few sessions, question whether the training is right for them, and end up splitting because they are unable to see your worth.

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How To Deal With Last Minute Cancellations as a Personal Trainer

Oct 26

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a personal training business, whether you are in a large commercial gym or running a home-based operation, is dealing with clients who cancel at the last minute. What makes this worse is when they reschedule the appointment and then cancel on you again. Although their cancellation may not be due to poor training or improper advice on your part, it is still quite disappointing as you not only planned out their entire workout, but your business suffers in terms of revenue generated as these missed appointments eat up profits. In this article, we are going to explore how to respond to common reasons given, how to utilize a cancellation policy, and some tips on how you can reduce the occurrence of cancelled appointments.

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